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Oceanic Greenfield  School is a private primary school with both girls and boys. The school is located at Mtwapa, Off Mombasa-Malindi Road in kilifi County. We offer the 8-4-4 education system from Baby Class to class 8.Bringing your child to Bahari Parents is the best decision a parent can make since we nurture the child holistically and academically.Students and teachers come to the library each week for book exchange, featured selections and to learn basic library skills. We have a reading scheme that starts at the nursery level all through to the Primary level.

Formal education truly starts in the first year of Primary school. Children, having had their full requirement of play, social skill building, movement, songs - the list goes on - are really ready, to begin more cognitive learning. By the end of their first primary year they are already familiar and working with the basic mathematical concepts alongside the four mathematical processes.

Having completed the 8 primary school years the children are ready to transition into secondary schools of various educational systems. The feedback we get about our ex- students has always been positive if not downright enthusiastic, most noticeable is the recognition of keen and curious students.


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